Whispering Forest - Cataclysm secret spots

Enna summoned me to this place in Tirisfal the other day to see this amazing event, but unfortunately I missed it as I was at work and had to pack up!  She said here is a faerie circle and sprite darters which sing a song every 6 hours and animals in the forest come to listen!  And to turn my music on, as you will also hear a different music that is not heard anywhere else.

She sent me a link to her screenies, which made me want to go there and see it for myself.

So instead of rare hunting in Northrend this morning I was camping the spot in Tirisfal glades to see these Fey-drunk Darters sing.

I got there at 0610 server and 7 Darters were out already.  But it wasn't until 0640 that they all flew to the faerie circle.

So I had the music on and it did indeed change to a hauntingly beautiful music.

And even the deer came to listen, they were standing around looking at the faerie circle.

When it was done the Darters despawned and the deer walked away.

The visual part lasted about 2-3 minutes, but the music went on a little longer than that.  It was well worth the wait and I think everyone should go watch it!

I took a short video of it so you can see what it is like.  It's only 20 seconds long but you get the idea!

I did some research afterwards and apparently there are all sorts of Cataclysm secret spots.  Ironyca has a great post about the Cataclysm secret places.  Check it out, because I sure as hell want to go check it out now (and support her post with comments because that post was a victim of blog plagiarism)!  Oh and Boomchicken Syrco also has a post on it with some great pics (one of the bear which I couldn't find when I was out there).