Vyragosa (and the Time-Lost Proto-Drake)

Vyragosa is the last Rare that I need for my Frostbitten achievement.  However, I have yet to see her alive.  I have seen only seen her dead.

The main problem for Vyragosa seekers like me is that she shares a spawn timer with the highly desired Time-Lost Proto Drake, in fact I have seen it written in many places that "Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a rare spawn of Vyragosa" making TLPD a rare spawn of a rare spawn.  Is that rare enough for you?  TLPD has a 100% chance to drop Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

A number of sources say that the spawn time for Vyragosa is between 6 hours and 24 hours.  So I should pop in every hour looking for a spawn I guess!  Geez, if that doesn't hike up my /played I don't know what will!

Draewind has a great page about Vyragosa and TLPD.  If you look at the spawn paths on Wowhead and with NPCScan it looks like a windy mess, but Drae has actually made a nice map with paths, directions and spawn points.

NPCScan path of TLPD/Vyragosa

Wowhead spawn points map

Drae's map with paths and spawn points (triangles) - every path except green one is anticlockwise
They both are not hard to kill, but they are hard to pull.  They are too high off the ground to be shot at or cast at, so either you have to grab them mid air and then fall slowly or agro them by flying into them and then going to somewhere you can dismount to fight. 

There is only one person in the guild I know of who has TLPD - Roshii.  Here he is on that elusive mount.

Boring bit ensuing - don't read on, it's just for my records!
21/8, 0753 - logged in to find Vyra dead in front of me near Valkyrion.  How annoying!  I logged in at 5 and 6 am and looked after kids at 7.  Crap.
29/8, 0707 - didn't spawn at my camp spot near Valkyrion so I flew around and found Vyra dead on yellow flight path just cresting the hill.
2/9, 1500 - Aio gives me :( when I login.  He says that he just killed Vyra 2 hours ago... I was just logging off then!  Crap!  But grats Aio!
11/9, 0923 - logged in flew a little bit and BANG, Vyragosa thing pops up... excitement.... only to find she was dead again
19/9, 1400 - SHE IS MINE!!!!


  1. That sucks. I've seen Vyragosa so many times now it's almost become a running joke. 'Oh dammit not you again! Where is that Time Lost fellow?!?'

  2. @repgrind - Good luck with TLPG! I would just like to see and kill Vyra ONCE only :)

  3. Got the Time lost at (60.33) at 0430 Server time 25 Feb 2012

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