Trying to capture Fulgorge for my rare collection

I was just going through my screenshots (running out of HDD space and thought I should delete some of these old shots which have been blogged or uploaded somewhere already) and I came across the screenshots I took when I came across Fulgorge.

Now I haven't been really looking for the BC rares but when I head to Shattrath trying to get Snarly from the Crocolisks in the City daily I try to run across all the paths of rares in the hope NPCScan picks up one.  And I remember the day I spotted Fulgorge because I was standing on the red stones he was throwing out of the ground and I was thinking how the hell do I make him come out of the ground?  I tried Hurricane and tabbing but couldn't get it, and eventually came to the conclusion my level was too high that's why he wasn't coming out, so I walked around the patch a little and killed a few mobs and he popped up.

Now Fulgorge is really big.  And I didn't want to kill him so I melee'd him a little just to tag him while I tried to frame the shot.  But I forgot to turn off autoattack so the silly message "You are too far away!" ruined a few of my shots, as well as the fact I still had power auras and healbot in the way as well!  And he kept moving...  Just looking at the shots I was taking consecutively made me laugh so I thought I'd share them here (for some total blog timewasting!)

Crap what a stupid pose. Let me try that again.
Hm a bit better. But I don't want it rearing back like that...
OMG WTF it's a giant penis.  And I can't see the mob name!
Ack rearing back again, and my position is funny.
Oh crap, submerged again.  Where are you little worm....
Ooh this one looks like a winner, let me see if I can get a better one.
OK, that's crap.  Let me try again.
Hey this one isn't bad!  Let me try for one more good one...
Gah, rearing back again, stop MOVING damn you!
OK I don't like the background on this.  Alright, enough timewasting, time to DIE.