Things I hate in WoW right now

This is not a rant post about how classes have been nerfed, gear has got lousy stats, raiding is too easy/hard etc.  This post is me venting my frustration at silly WoW things - those silly WoW things that people think "WTF are you doing Navi, talk about massive time wasting!".

These are those things that other achievement junkies and compulsive collectors would understand.

Stupid dragon.  Why do you share a goddamn CD timer with an awesome rare mount dropper?  Why can't people just spam in general if they see Vyragosa instead of killing her for the 15th time while they vent THEIR frustration at not having a Time Lost Proto-Drake spawn?  If it was me, and I had the kill already, I would ask in guild/general if anyone needed the kill, tag, wait a few, then kill it, then wait for respawn.  All this time sitting at a spawn spot or flight path in Storm Peaks - I keep thinking I could be spending my time doing something more productive... like archaeology, fishing... (well, productive is a relative term - I can see a few of you guildies going WHAT YOU CALL THAT PRODUCTIVE??)
And in truth, after the hours I spend sitting here, I'm a little tired of these scenes:

Green Proto Drake
OK, so what I should have done was do Frenzyheart exalted FIRST, and then do Oracles exalted, because then I could just keep getting my Mysterious egg.  But no, I did it the wrong way around, so I did Oracles, Frenzyheart and then had to go back to Oracles again.  What a waste of time.  And I am still buying my eggs.  I've had tons of White and normal Tickbird hatchlings, Cobras, yolks.  At least I have had one proto-drake whelp.  So I'm still buying my eggs. Sigh.

Sea Turtle
So unfair.  I swear that I am one of the more active fishers in the guild.  I have been supplying raid foods in terms of fish for a long time (and currently between me and Belinia we supply the Seafood Magnifique feasts), and I often fish just for the fun of it and it's one of my favourite things to be doing in WoW when I have to be afk a lot (like at work).  I am really glad that they added it to cataclysm fishing nodes as well.  What is UNFAIR is that Lavascale Catfish and Deepsea sagefish don't come from pools so fishing for those is not any good for getting the turtle.  And I do spend time fishing for those things.  So many people have a Sea Turtle in the guild... how can I, first to have Salty, not get this???  It's my last achievement too in fishing... Turtles all the Way Down.

Black Tabby Cat and Azure Whelpling
So I did used to farm for this back in the day, Azure>Tabby since Azshara was so close to Orgrimmar.  Now that the Black tabby is a zone drop from Hillsbrad Foothills and Azure whelpling a zone drop from Winterspring, I decided to finish the zones for their quests.  Was good for rare hunting so I have all the rares screenied from HF but still missing a few from Winterspring.  Anyway, despite killing everything in sight and looting all those ridiculous low level creatures which drop 15c etc still no sign of either pet.  I am so tempted to just buy them off the AH.  A shame I'm already exalted with Timbermaw or at least grinding rep for them in Winterspring would at least give me some chances of Azure Whelpling.  Now I'm just at mindless slaughter in both zones... what a waste of life (mine and those poor NPCs).

Scorched Stone
OK so I am one of those people who does dailies.  I like dailies.  The thing I don't like about dailies is that if it involves killing something, it takes me AGES.  And when I work on limited time and lousy connection, I don't like doing dailies, as I will have high risk of AFK and dying.
So, the Scorched Stone drops 5% of the time from Zen'Vorka's Cache, which you buy with 30 Marks of the World tree.  Which means a day of dailies in Molten Front.
So you can guess how many greens I have gotten out of that POS cache... thank god I'm an enchanter.
I have done ALL my achievements in Molten Front.  But I can't get a bloody Scorched Stone.  RNG I hate you.
Roshii has had two.  Cavendar had one.  And this is from not trying.... bastards.