Slow raid night so off to BWD, Tot4W and BH

Not enough for 2 10 mans last night, we had 19 people.  So we pugged an extra hunter and hit Blackwing Descent so that a few people could get some gear and tier and achievements as well.  Quite a number of guildies hadn't killed Nefarian so we did that.

There were some major stuff ups.  I was a bit frustrated during the raid and I was potty mouthing all raid, so I think I may take the easy destress route and let some steam off here.
  1. I am not sure if Thraso was off his rocker but Maloriak sprayed fire all over the raid in Phase 2 taking out 3-4 healers (not me fortunately!) and also he wasn't holding threat that well.  Moopie died a lot from pulling agro.
  2. We did have one wipe at Nefarian while everyone was on the pillars (one pillar apparently didn't have healers apparently, but what actually happened was a healer died and the other couldn't keep up).  And the interrupts were bad then too.  The second attempt nobody was attacking Nefarian so we didn't get an electrocute during the pillar phase which made Phase 3 really long.  The adds were HUGE by that time and we were struggling to keep the tanks alive and I was telling the tanks to stop getting hit.  When Nef went down it was great, heaps of guild achievements all around.  My tier helm dropped... but I don't need it anymore!  Grats to Hwired though.
  3. We did Throne and we wiped because the tank didn't get off the platform and healers died and then everyone died!  And we were going so well.  Thraso gets a bit slap on the hand for that lousy effort.  At least we got it second go but I swear they were trying to torture me, they put 3 DPS with me at Rohash and healing all 3 after the fall was just crap.  2 is easy but 3... and nobody stands in Efflorescence after falling!  WTF!
  4. A'lAkir went down on the first go which was alright.  We made it through the night with 6 healers so that was pretty cool.  Very messy at the end.  I didn't realise there were changes with the little sparky adds after the nerf, but once that was sorted out the whole thing was quite easy.  No tier drops though!  How unfortunate.  I did pick up one of those random rings but it had mastery and spirit on it, which was not too bad.
  5. Occuthar went well with a few pugs.  It was quite clean.  I managed to get a spirit PVP ring.  But no tier.
So who were my healers yesterday?  Me, Fleckso, Liteofdawn, Belinia, Beauti and Shnaptim.