Rhyolith down with 2 groups and 2 strats

Well, ßossman didn't last long!  He left the guild yesterday - Fue told me that he said we weren't chatty enough during raids.  And Fue said that Gert would probably leave too, as he was used to leading a raid, and wasn't given the opportunity to show his expertise.

So, we had 5 healers on yesterday.  Lushnek was going to offspec heal but I said that I would give it a go 2 healing.  So I got to be in the same group as Moopie and Lushnek as well so that was a plus for me, I feel like I haven't raided with them for ages.

So group split yesterday was:

Group 1
Tanks - Fue, Manbull
Healers - Targetme, Belinia, Liteofdawn
DPS - Sevros, Xynzelle, Roshii, Lindrel, Faithless

Group 2
Tanks - Thraso, Hwired
Healers - Navimie, Shnaptim
DPS - Lushnek, Moopie, Caedis, Ayelena, Azadelta, Gertluz

Group 1 did Rhyolith did our original strategy of 2 tanks, 3 healers, and tanking the little adds.  They got it down quite early.  And I think that motivated us to try harder.

So the way it was supposed to go was that the adds would be aoe'd down so fast that they wouldn't have time to kill anyone.  So Lush, Aye and Gert were going to do that, but Aza ended up respeccing demo so that he could try that.  And Moo, Cae and Aye ended up doing legs.  Gert was steering.  I encouraged him to tell us how he did it so that 1) he would feel like he was useful since I think that he felt like he wasn't being utilized or listened to and 2) if he was going to leave then I'm gonna squeeze every bit of usefulness out of him (knowledge and experience wise)

And can you believe this?  I forgot to take a screenie!

Moo was a bit quiet, but I was being super chatty (probably so that Gert didn't think that we are all a bunch of boring raiders).  It was actually quite amusing in my opinion because Caedis piped up saying he didn't knwo the fight could someone run him through it?  And then there was a deathly silent pause for about 5 seconds.  So I said "Well, you have to hit his legs and make him walk around but I really only know the healing part, not the dps part, and Gert since you've done it could you tell us how you do it?"  Or something to that effect.

So Gert launched into a fantastic outline of how he does the fight.  It was detailed and precise, and I have to admit that I zoned out listening to the dps instructions.  And I even admitted in party that I wasn't listening.  Gert started saying "Ok the Boomkin and the Demo lock will do X, and the DK doing Y" and he said "and the Resto Druid doing tranq and tree form at Time Z".  And he called Shnaptim a ret pally, which everyone LOL'd at.


In my usual amused tone I said "I don't answer to Resto druid.  My name is Navi."  And after that I just started laughing about the whole thing.  Whenever healing was bleh it was like "What do you expect from a ret pally?" I don't think Gert got too offended, after all, I wasn't nasty about it I was being silly all night and swearing left right and centre when tanks and dps died.

By the end of the night Gert was using our names.  I remember also laughing when he had Skull and X on the left and right leg and said he had to switch it around because he's not used to it being that way, he had to put it the other way.  To which I said "OMG you are such a boy!"  And Hwired agreed with him, so I emoted putting a fork in his left hand a spoon in his right hand, and Hwired said "Spoon?  That's so Asian!  How do you cut meat with a spoon?"  That made me laugh :)

More silliness ensued from Ayelena not eating my beautiful Seafood Magnique and eating his fortune cookies instead.  I asked him what was wrong with my cooking and the other raiders said that there was a crab in the pot which is hardly cooking, to which I replied "That's a GARNISH you fools!"

So after Rhyolith went down, we went to Alysrazor and we tried to 2 heal that.  It was ok I think.  If only our tanks didn't keep dying to silly stuff!  It was doable, and a challenge, but one I'd gladly rise to.

Looking forward to what is in store for Sunday/Monday.


  1. gert sounds like cool dude amirite? trollface.jpg


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