Our first kills in Firelands 25 man! - Examining the heals

I missed this much wanted event as I had a meeting at work till late, but I was excited to hear that they killed 2 bosses in Firelands!
Of course, my main interest is how my healers were doing, and I am very pleased to see that we got a new shaman healer, and that my two priests were doing extremely well.

Yuda was off to a shaky start when he first came but he seems to have settled into his role and is doing fantastic amounts of healing and shielding now that he knows the fights.  And Bish did some great healing on Beth'tilac as holy (poor Bish, he been feeling a bit bleh being bottom of the charts as holy but he seemed to have renewed his vigor - pun intended hehe).  It almost makes me feel that the poor little druid is no longer needed!  Almost /grin but not quite. :P

And we have a new resto shaman it seems, Voe.  I did try to talk to him yesterday, but he was ignoring me.  Oh well, when I get there tonight I'll introduce myself again.  He also demonstrated some good skills, considering his gear.

So here are my healers on Beth'tilac:

All doing reasonably, nobody is doing too abysmally :)  Not the cleanest of fights since both tanks died at like 4-5% and so it was just burned down with only a few left standing at the end.

They did it with 2 pallys heading up, pally and shaman on drone tank, and holy priest, disc priest and shaman on raid.

Bish got Smoldering Censer of Purity - grats!!!  I like that staff.

So now looking at my healers on Shannox:

Ok, now seriously, DK's need a nerf.  WTF.  My best healer is the tank!

Yuda was top heals - I have to say that is surprising for this fight as it's not one of the fights I would have thought he would top with heals and absorbs (Chimaeron is the typical one I expect to see).  They had 2 healers on Riplimb tank, but could probably get away with one, 3 healers on Shannox tank and the other 2 on raid.