Old Ironjaw

Old Ironjaw has been eluding me for some time!  I spent quite a few hours fishing in Ironforge in the Forlorn Cavern trying to get that damn fish.  But to no avail.  Since Cata I haven't tried to fish Ironforge since I've been busy with dailies and raiding but I had some spare time so I thought what the hell!

I spent most of yesterday trying to fish in Ironforge, though I was semi-afk.  Logged in today a few minutes before raid and did a few casts but I was hyper anxious because I logged in to have 2 85 Alliance on the other side of the water fishing as well!  I didn't even see the fish in my catch when I got the achievement as I was worrying about getting a summon out in case I get ganked!

So here is Old Ironjaw, in my hot little hand.  At long last!  One more fishing achievement to go.... come on turtle!  Which I have noticed, by the way, you can catch from Cata fishing pools as well!