New recruits - will this push us to 25?

These last few weeks we have been struggling for people, and are probably making 2 10 mans with a few social raiders, instead of having our nice solid 25s.  Darksiider left to go play with his friends on another server, which lost us a hunter, leaving us with no raiding hunters!  And where we once used to have lots of mages... we are back to Caedis and Xynzelle, and Caedis hasn't been attending as regularly lately because of work (and skiing!).  And of course we have no shamans... so bloodlust is sadly lacking.

But some new recruits may revive our 25 mans.  ├čossman (feral druid - tank) and Gertluz (arcane mage) seem to be quite impressive.  And I say impressive because they did something different that we're not used to and pulled it off really well.

Both of them demonstrated their skills during the Nefarian fight on the alt run on Friday night.

├čossman (goddamn that stupid beta at the beginning makes it hard to type! THANK GOD for cut and paste) was tanking for Nefarian and wanted to do something different for P3.  We normally run around with the adds because that is what our tanks are used to, but he said to do it the same way you tank P1, and a lot of the people in that raid were like "err, we don't do it that way, fire will go everywhere" but it turned out brilliantly and was very easy.  Beauti/Enna was telling me about it, and as a fellow healer I really respect her opinion.  She said everyone could just stand in one spot and heal/dps and not chase the tank like I normally do.   Apparently that's they way you're supposed to do it and the way we've been doing it is the HARD way.  But hey that's not my call, it's what the tanks want to do right?  I can't wait to see this guy in action, and hope he's a stayer.

Now Gertluz did something which I didn't think was possible but I'm sure it was if I thought about it - he kited the adds in P1.  Now THAT was cool.  He did it as an arcane mage and still managed to pump out decent dps - I think when I looked at logs he did 14k and that's pretty good with kiting.  I mentioned it to Xyn and he thought that was good.  I can't wait to see what he's like in a raid that I'm in.  Aza said that Gert even outdps'd him quite a few times (on his hunter, Azagamma) so I think that's a great starting point.  So... fingers crossed for next week, I hope we can make a decent 25 man.  I really miss playing with my friends, and I love it when we are all together in the same group!