More news on Void Storage

Blizz has released some info on upcoming Void Storage which is worth a read if you are planning to use this feature (pics from Blizzard's WoW blog).

Basically it's going to look like this:

And the prices for depositing and withdrawing stuff haven't been set yet.  Now another thing they were going to add was a searchable bag feature which is something I really need (if you have ever seen my bags you know what I'm talking about).

I read a few of the comments on that article and people are saying it's better value to make a bank alt to store the items rather than using Void Storage.  I think that they are missing the point - this is for all that Soulbound stuff that you don't want to destroy or DE that you CAN'T send to bank alts.  You don't go putting your gathering mats or volatiles or whatever in there.  It's for those awesome soulbound items like Rainbow Generator and Nifty Stopwatch that you don't use anymore can't bear to throw away.

I don't mind losing enchants and gems on the items you put in there.  After all, you're not using them anymore are you?  It's just for looks and fun right?

Boy I can't wait to get it so I can get rid of all my tabards.

I just had a look in my bank and bags, and it actually doesn't look that bad!  Could clear a bag or two with void storage :)