More new recruits

Well we had 3 new recruits last few days.

Yuda - who is a workmate of mine, was in the guild before on his mage, came over to raid with us as a disc priest.  Not sure if his wife will come, but we could use her hunter :)

Freepie - Not Freepee, it's PIE as Moo so often says.  Resto shaman with a couple of blue pieces (gulp) but seemed quite eager to show his stuff.

Maleaetus - Combat rogue.  Was talking to him a lot last night about joining the guild, he seemed young and quite eager.  I mentioned that we had an awesome rogue already - Roshii - and so he armoried him and was impressed with his weapons and gear.  However I didn't realise that he started talking to Roshii so much so that Roshii was freaking out about who the hell this person spamming him was.  When I told him it was a new recruit, he was a bit surprised.  But I told Roshii that there will only be one uber rogue /wink.

Let's hope they stay a while this time!  Welcome to our new recruits!