Majordomo Staghelm down on 10 man

Well we had a poor turnout tonight, with only 2 tanks on so we had to make one 10 man group, which was a rather stacked group for progression.  So I was looking forward to seeing Majordomo again.

Baleroc, Alysrazor went down cleanly for once!

So our first Majordomo attempt we wiped at 4% and then our next attempt we had some bad fire circles and wiped early!  And then the next attempt we killed him.

Poor Hwired  had a headache and had to AFK to spew... and eventually left raid because he wasn't feeling well.  Poor Hwired.  At least that was on Ragnaros... so he got the Staghelm kill.

Tanks - Hwired, Fueghan
DPS - Lushnek, Azadelta, Xynzelle, Roshii, Moopie
Heals - Belinia, Shnaptim, Navimie

So W/H/S Tier token drops again... and lucky Moo gets it!  And the Healing axe dropped so the pallies were happy (grats Belinia!) and then I got Jaws of Defeat so yay me!  I think I will use it on those heavy aoe fights - I don't really like those on use trinkets much.

So we got our first look at Ragnaros which was exciting, but of course most of us hadn't read up because we weren't expecting to be DOING Ragnaros...

Which means I should be watching it tonight before raid.  At least the first 30% wasn't too bad...