Lost City of Tol'vir Achievements - Headed South, Kill it with Fire!, Acrocalypse Now

Belinia, Barkhoof and Beauti were kind enough to help me do Headed South, and we had Lushnek with us.  They did it with Azadelta and Xyn the other day in a method I think works very well - here is their method.

The basic strategy was 2 healers, a tank and 2 dps.

DPS is on the boss the whole time, whittling his shield away to 10%. (when his shield is up he takes 90% less damage).  The tank picks up the large adds (Servant of Siamat) and gets them down to about 10%., you can ignore the little adds (Minion of Siamat).  However the little adds leave behind green swirly storms on the ground so get out of those.  And there were LOTS of those!

Once the boss is down to 10%, bunch up and kill the adds and then burn the boss.  It is a slow method (it took us 9 minutes and 20 seconds to do this boss) but it was very safe and I didn't go OOM.  I even helped with DPS though it's a bit depressing to see yourself doing hits that go for 120 or so.  Getting blown around after the 3rd add dies can be bad if someone gets punted off, but so far nobody has been punted off.  And as far as I am aware he doesn't have an enrage timer so feel free to take as long as you want!

We also did Acrocalypse now for Lushnek.  This is where you have to kill 20 crocolisks within 10 seconds.  Basically one dps was mounted kiting as many of the crocolisks as possible and counting how many we had, then once we had 20 bring them to the boss and AOE them down.  Everyone except me and the tank were mounted.  I did this before and boy was the healing crazy - I think everyone being mounted helps because they don't take much damage because they are riding away from crocs when they have scent on them.  I did pick up some crocolisks when I had the scent on me but as long as I get to the tank it was OK.  Even with 2 DPS we got it down easily.

Kill it with Fire! is done during the sprit phase.  The phoenix leaves flame lines around, and a random person is selected creating a soul fragment which moves towards the Harbinger of Flame, which buffs its damage.  If you get the soul fragment to go through a flame path then it is transformed into a burning soul.  Do this 3 times and the achievement is done!  Just make sure the tank is far away enough from everyone else so you have time to get it down, and try to put a flame patch between you and the tank to make it easier.

So good luck to you in getting your Volcanic Drake!