Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #5

It's Transmogrification fever time!  I think quite a few bloggers out there are getting into Transmog fever.

Revive and Rejuvenate: Get the Look: Part 1 - Tiers

Ang has put together pics of all the Tier so you can choose which Tier you want to Transmogrify to.  Best thing is Ang used Tauren pics so it's easy to look at.  I've decided to go for Tier 6, that's the most tribal looking set there is.  Looking forward to her next post, wonder if it will be weapons?

Kirina's Closet - Bank Alts and Transmogrification in 4.3

Kirina has been a bit quiet lately, so it's good to see a post from her.  She has put up some great tips for dressing your Bank Alt, and makes me wish I didn't vendor my Black Ice (though being 85 BOP probably not so useful I think)


  1. Thanks for the link hun :) I've got weapons on my list, but there are so many!

  2. Thanks for sharing links they are worth to read.. keep it coming!


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