Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #4

Ok some of these are not from my blogroll but I found these pages when I linked other pages from these blogs.

Ironyca has a fantastic post about secret cata places, and somebody apparently copied her page and posted it on some forums in MMOwned.com.  Her post was unique, and I can appreciate her being furious about that!  Now I have to admit I was a bit anxious before because I did use some pics from Windsoar's Nefarian fight and I did credit them at the bottom of the post I did, but Windsoar wanted me to host the strat pics on my site, and then I got worried that I had illegally copied her post.  Ironyca said in her post that the plaguariser didn't credit her, hosted her pics on his own site but essentially it was a copy word for word of her original post.  Which was very stressful for her!  So this is just a reminder for me mostly that if I look at stuff on someone else's site I should always ask permission first before I use it, and write my own thing about it.  Gosh, I feel like I'm at school.

Beru was thinking about how much spirit does she really need, and she has quite a detailed look into spirit and whether we still need it, with the changes to regen and the increase to intellect.  Now a reminder to myself that most of the commentors (in fact maybe all of them) are high end raiders, not lower end ones like myself, so it may not necessarily apply to me, but it still makes for good reading and something worth thinking about.  Because if they don't need spirit for those huge mana intensive heroic fights, then maybe I don't for my non heroic ones.

OK there is really only one thing here that I have to talk about and it is about the caster boots that I want made, because Glow has them, and he said that the graphic for them SUCKS.  For me it doesn't matter so much because I'm a Tauren and all you see are our hooves, but look at this (pic directly linked from Glow's site)!  Makes me glad I'm not a Nightelf.  Hippy feet = ugly and totally not battle clothes :P

My god those toes. WTF! Worst look ever in 5 years of WoW imo.


  1. Hello there
    The deal with the hosting of the pictures was more a case of pretending he had written it. The pictures were already hosted on my site, so rehosting them on imageshack avoids linking to me in any way that could alert me, which I assume was the reasoning.
    When I use screenshots that are edited or taken elsewhere, I host them on my blog, but makes sure that clicking on the picture leads to the original picture host. I don't know what others do, but I like to keep the history of the picture intact that way, if it makes sense :)

    I've actually made a point of starting a gallery section on my blog that is for everyone to use as they please, because I've been in doubt myself how to handle it.

    I've discussed with others before when one should link and when it's not necessary and personally, I link if the image is edited or has character names visible so that someone elses char shows. If it is just a screenshot taken from WoW, then anyone could technically go and get it, so... not a big deal. I wouldn't be nervous about it, link when in doubt, that's probably the safest way :)

  2. @Ironyca - Thanks for visiting! I have been thinking what I would like if someone was using one of my screenshots or one of my pictures and I think I would rather it linked straight back to my site also so they could see where it came from. The keeping of the history of the picture intact is exactly how I'd put it too (but I wouldn't have thought to say it so eloquently haha).


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