Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #3

This week nothing really caught my attention or my eye, except for Jasyla on Twisted Nether's Blogcast.

And I realised that her name is pronounced Jas-Eye-La... not Jas-ee-la which is how I've always been thinking her name was pronounced.

I have never listened to a podcast before.  I have to admit it was a pretty informal, laid back have-a-chat.  Jas interviews like such a NICE person, which doesn't surprise me if you read her blog coz she doesn't trash people out and she always write such helpful posts.

So I would highly recommend listening to it if you're driving in the car if you're sick of the morning show chit chat.

I like listening to what people think about blogging since I am in a blogging frenzy these last few months.  And Jas posts at work as well!  I do a lot of my blogging at work, since there are so many quiet moments where I can write stuff.  Jas said sometimes she has so many things she wants to talk about when she doesn't have time to blog and how when she has time she can't think of anything to blog.  I have to say that I often blog about the most STUPID things (eg killing and taking pictures of rares!) which probably drives people nuts if they read my blog.

Oh and I have to say I LOVE what Jas said about tree form.  When tree form first came out I hated it too, I couldn't decurse, I couldn't depoison, it was STUPID and I was slow!  So I refused to spec into it and I had the other officers yelling at me but I refused.  Only when decurse was added I took it up.  And these days I forget to use my tree form a lot, because it's on a cooldown.  So if they took tree form away totally... well I wouldn't miss it but it would gimp me a little bit!