Glory of the Raider (25 man)

Late last night after joining a late night Hyjal/Sunwell run for Transmog gear, I asked my friends if I could get Shocking! done.  As long as it didn't take too long I think everyone was happy.

Massive guild spam!  Not only did I get my 2 achievements, but everyone else got an achievement of some sort as well.  Shocking (25 man), Subtraction (25 man), The Construct Quarter (25 Man).  Of course they got Make Quick Werk of Him (25 man) earlier as well.  We did make one mistake and had to wipe, but it was easy with less people.  We spread out and came together if it so happened that the people near us were the same polarity.

All made possible by Belinia, Barkhoof, Beauti, Moopie, Azadelta, Lushnek, Roshii, and Sevros!


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