Firelands 25 man... not as good as I'd hoped?

Well, we had our first semi decent 25 man!  The usual problems with 25s... long times between boss pulls because of bios, afks, d/c etc, and having to figure out the strat for lots of people.

So we decided to tackle Baleroc.  I haven't done this fight, and I have yet to figure out how to get it so I do it half decently.  I read Beru's druid perspective to healing it, and tried it that way (3 rejuvs and nourish), but Gley/Ampharos was telling me to innervate, tree form and then chain cast Regrowth to get stacks.  Super mana intensive way to go, I don't think it's sustainable.

So we had issues with tanks dying on the pull.  Then we had issues with tanks dying after 30 seconds.  So we decided to try switching after 20 seconds so that healers with some stacks could do some healing on them.

Then we had issues with crystals forming at stupid spots and people were not bunched up close enough so that dpsers had to waste a lot of time running.  So we put some markers down to get people to stand there but somehow it seemed worse because then nobody could see the spawn spots of the crystals and healers were getting a lot of crystal debuff.

Our last attempt was our best attempt, but I performed hugely subpar on that attempt.  An accidental direct heal on a tank made me go into Vital Flame so that was shit performance on my behalf.  Ugh.  But here is the healing graph for that fight.

The paladins are the clear winners on this fight.  You would expect big humps where they are tank healing.  You can see my pathetic low output!  I am not sure what I can do except not stuff up my stacks because I was OOM by the end of 4 minutes.  Which means I am having a bad heal rotation.  I guess I just need practice on getting the nourishes on the right people.  Going to give the Tank, melee, ranged rotation a go tonight with the healers and see if that does better.

Unfortunately you can see Targetme was not doing great healing, though he did get one of the bad debuffs so that would have gimped his healing by 50%.  Lite was not great either for her gear, but unfortunately she is not the sharpest healer on the block ("oh I wasn't using holy shock, I thought it was a hot?").

So let's hope that everyone turns up tonight.  I want to get this sucker down!


  1. Seeing death knights on the top of the healing meters makes me crazy - OP much? I've been beaten in healing by a death knight tank on Baleroc and Shannox. What a hit to the healer ego that is.

    At first I thought druids were just not very strong on this fight, but after a couple kills I've finally gotten the hang of it and my output has become much better. I use the T0L + Regrowth spam method, but only for the first Torment target, it's too mana-intensive to keep it up for much longer than that. Good luck on the fight.

  2. @Jasyla - Thanks Jas for the tips. I know it's horribly embarrassing to stick up a heal chart like this but it's really informative for me and hopefully would be for someone else too. DK's are crazy.. they need a nerf LOL!


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