Criticisms of my druid healing in 2 different Vortex Pinnacle PUGs

A few weeks ago I did a random heroic dungeon and got Vortex Pinnacle.  I was in my raid spec which has efflorescence, but no NS and no Nature's cure.  Everything was fine until we got to Asaad, when everyone except me and the tank died.  I even battle rez'd one of the dps and they still died.  Anyway, so it was just me and the tank so it was a slow fight.  Eventually we got it down.  The tank said to me "And you are a bad resto druid because....?" And I assume he was talking about my lack of dispelling the static cling.  Well, learn to jump more imo.

So on Monday I did a random because my net died for an hour while we were trying to raid and it was VP again.  This time I decided to heal in my PVP spec, which has no efflorescence, doesn't have good mana conservation (no Moonglow), no empowered touch BUT has Nature's cure.  So the Pally tank was chain pulling and a mage doing 1k dps and a feral druid did a lot of dying (druid was cyclone eating for Grand Vizier), and I innervated myself a few times but then the mage left the group, so I said "I am going to use this opportunity to drink."  The pally tank said "Drink?  Resto druid?  Why do you need to drink?"  I didn't answer, geez, I am in my non mana spec healing the hell out of these dumb dps and dispelling all the bloody magic debuffs too.  By the next boss, the pally tank said "Oh you're dispelling, no wonder you're out of mana."  I said "The last time I did this dungeon the dps died because they didn't know how to jump for Asaad, and I didn't have dispel magic so I've got it on this time."

So I did LOTS of dispelling during Asaad, because I told them they could be lazy as I was dispelling.  Fortunately didn't run out of mana.  But at least it was a much smoother VP run this time.  I guess maybe I should use my PVP spec more for dungeon healing.  But damn, didn't get any volatile airs that run.


  1. I'm working on a Tropfest Jr film and I'm doing a Podcast now so they eat up a fair bit of time, but I'm making an effort to get back on when I can and get my gear up to raiding spec. I'll be back one day...all shall tremble!

  2. Also I posted this on the wrong post...

  3. @Lacrox: That's OK Lac, I look forward to my favourite dragon puncher getting back into game and gearing up. Raids need more laughs. And the druid of the shell joke isn't being used enough.


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