Baleroc - I think I've finally figured out what I'm doing!

New raid week, new raid groups.  No 25s :(

21 people turned up to raid so we sat out one person, and I tried to split the healers into 2 groups so that it would not be too painful.

OK so this was the split:

Group 1
Tanks - Thraso, Hwired
Heals - Shnaptim, Biship, Liteofdawn
DPS - Azadelta, Lushnek, Roshii, ├čossman (GFDI that beta in his name!!!), Gertluz

Group 2
Tanks - Fueghan, Manbull
Heals - Navimie, Belinia, Targetme
DPS - Sevros, Faithless, Moopie, Lindrel, Xynzelle

So, group 1 had 2 goes at Shannox, 2 goes at Beth'tilac, and one shotted Baleroc.
So, group 2 one shotted Shannox and Beth'tilac, and had 6 goes at Baleroc.

OK so let me tell you what I was doing WRONG!!!

So being the only healer online today who hadn't killed Baleroc I let Belinia tell me what to do.  So since I am a bit slow at building stacks, the other two healed tanks first then I took over when they called it.  But I was having DREADFUL difficulty trying to keep the 2nd dps up.  I'm not sure what I was doing wrong!  Poor Xyn was second and he just kept dropping like a stone and I didn't know what I was doing bad.  So I tried to avoid using swiftmend for Sevros and keep it for Xyn.  Oh and I kept getting Vital Flame and I didn't know how I was getting that... and then the coin dropped... I must be automatically swiftmending and regrowthing Fue or something out of habit... ok no more rejuvs for him, I will just put them on the decimation tank.  Since HOTs aren't supposed to trigger it, but I SWEAR it felt like they were.  Also on the earlier attempts I wasn't keeping LB up on Bull, which was a mistake since I was not getting many OOC procs.

Anyway, so on the kill attempt, I just kept LB up on Bull, gave him a rejuv, gave the tormented person a rejuv and the last tormented person one as well (well I was too scared of putting it on Fue!) and that seemed to work well.  Xyn didn't die.  I kept him up with swiftmend and had quite a few OOC procs so regrowth was thrown in a lot more than on previous attempts.  We did it in a 3 heal rotation.

The other group did it in a 2 heal rotation, with Shnaptim as one group and Bish/Lite as the second group.  Shnaptim got up to 160 stacks!!!  Want to be a paladin much??

Group 1.  ZOMG look at Shnaptim go!

Group 2.  I dunno what happened in that last bit.. You'd think our healing humps would be higher.
Anyway, at work today, was talking to my friend Cavendar (who plays Alliance holy pally and gives me lots of good wow healing tips since he's so Pro) and he told me to go look at Glow's strategy.  They do it where you don't have to go more than 50-60 stacks.  Glow had a most amusing comment which I'm sure Sev and Az would like:

"Having said that, if you have crystal tanks that can eat damage, then it’s still worth putting them first, and they can judge when to move out. Our shadow priest dispersed if he wanted to take higher stacks, our warlock used… warlock things."

 Sev used those "warlock things" and I think Faith did disperse a bit because they were easier to heal than Xyn.  Though maybe it was just me being fail at that time.  Anyway Glow's strat looked interesting so I would like to try that sometime.

OK so what am I going to do better next attempt on Baleroc?

1) Somehow track torment and Blaze of glory so I can see stacks on my healbot.  If I can't do that I may have to use some other addon to track it.
2) lay hots with low torment stacks and only do directs at high.  I think I wasted time at high stacks laying hots.
3) make sure LB doesn't fall off unless tank is low and they need the bloom!
4) I might try Jasyla's tree regrowth to gain stacks early (maybe that is where Ampharos read it from), but I had mana issues so I'm not sure yet.  Maybe I'll try that after I've downed Baleroc a few more times.
5)  Not wipe 5 times!!!