Yet another Ulduar run...

Things often get ugly when people fight about achievements.  Now I personally love achievements and don't mind doing them but some people don't.  But today we did 25 Ulduar to help me get shards.

Thraso was in a grumpy mood because we weren't going to try to get achievements he didn't have already.  So he emologged and left raid at XT.  Even after I got Sev to get on his DK to tank so he could bring his mage!  Oh well, can't please everyone.

Sigh, well only 2 shards today, and no new achievements but lots of guildies got achievements.  So that made them happy.  Still no good on the Disarmed, but I think we just need to have less people around for that achievement.  Too much dps makes it all go bad.

So we only cleared up to Freya.  But at least I got 3 of my sigils.