Navi's thoughts on crit/mastery changes and some new gear in 4.2

With mastery giving us harmony where our direct heals are increased by 10% and applying a direct heal increases our hots by 10% (with each point in mastery giving us an extra 1.25%), I've been wondering if I need to lay my heals on differently.  It would appear that laying more hots will be better as if each hot is buffed by 10% with each nourish I'm putting on them then you would get a good increase in your hps.  I'd have to think about it, but I can imagine that tank healing for Nefarion will be quite good for me then!

Crit heals will now heal for double, so that's pretty cool!  I have to say crit is a really unreliable stat, since it's all RNG, and I would rather something reliable like haste where you know it's going to be there.  But you can imagine how awesome it would be if you did a swiftmend and it crit and then the efflorescence would be healing massively!

So I don't think I'll be stacking my stats any differently.  Still aim for 2005 haste and then go mastery and then crit.  Am wondering though if spirit is still worth having or should I stack it all on as intellect.  I think
 I will still take all gear with spirit on it but I won't reforge into spirit until I have my haste all on.

All the new gear has crit on it though.  Where am I going to get all my haste from?

Well!  I noticed that two of the leatherworking patterns are quite good, with spirit AND haste.

Ethereal footfalls and Heavenly Gloves of the Moon

Looks like I'll be working hard to get Lushnek to make my stuff again!  Geez haven't had anything made since LK.