Wednesday in the last week before 4.2

After last week, I felt like I needed to take Earthwisper to Nefarian and AA, so I put together a group so we could go.  Unfortunately a created a lot of controversy and angst because nobody wanted to do a full clear, and I forced them to.  So we had a pretty lousy night of raiding.  Lots of wiping and grumpy people.

At least some loot was taken so I don't feel like it was totally wasted.  And then there was a server and instance reset so we decided to put an end to our torturous raiding for the day.  We only managed to get Magmaw and Omnotron down.  Maloriak wasn't well done and we didn't get it down in the end.

So tonight I might have to end the torture and use Sev's save to do Nefarian.  We'll see how many people turn up.