Resto vs Feral

I asked Draithunn if he could duel me yesterday, because I am trying to figure out a strategy to cope with ferals.  I rely heavily on Sev to fear ferals off me, and root them briefly, but perhaps I should be trying to sleep them.  Anyway in a 1v1 situation it's really had to sleep anything, and since I have no spell haste it's even more crap!

So I was totally pwned after 3 mins, I have to say he made quite good use of his cyclones to halt my healing while he ran away to heal himself.  And that leaping... geez that's way op.

So what should I do differently?  LOS so the can't leap me?  more roots so they can be dotted down? Fear and dots seem to work well for Sev, I think I will just have to rely on thorns and NG to keep them out of my way for a few minutes.

Rooting didn't seem to work that well because as soon as roots were off he leapt over to me.  I didn't bear form at all so maybe next time I could buy a bit of time if I used Demoralising Roar in bear and did some frenzied regen.  I'd have to watch ferals because of that because a good cyclone could negate my innervate.  So far no feral has ever done that, only restos and boomkins.

After that he wanted to try me on his warrior, and that was better for me, worse for him!  Warriors are easy to cc and he probably panicked a bit because his health went down to 50k for a bit, but eventually I was worn down, but it was a long match.  I'd say a good 5 mins.

As Oom would say, more pole dancing for me.  A shame there is nowhere to pole dance in Orgrimmar duelling area.