New video in progress

Well I am busy doing my ICC video (I was actually not sure whether to make it a Naxx one or an ICC one) and it seems to be going rather well.  Still trying to get some guildie footage of emotes but as I work through the guild I should be able to get almost everyone in doing something.

Fortunately for me I only choose songs that I really really like (though I wonder if other people will like the song - though what does that matter!  I love the song!) because having to listen to the same song about 100 times while I'm editing and trying to drag frames around and match music to video would drive me crazy if I didn't like the song.

A hint though (I hear collective moans out there...) - it's a Michael Jackson song.... and it was on Glee (oh and btw I LOVE Glee! Well I love the music anyway!) and the episode it was in had zombies in it hence the choice of ICC or Naxx (though I think Naxx may have been better but ICC is more fun to watch I think).

So I still need a few /scared frames and some more dancing and some yelling clips so I'll be trawling through guildies to see who else I can drag to ICC to take some videos.  I'm sure I'll find some volunteers.

I also bought Sony Vegas 11 just to make some WoW videos.  The old version was buggy for me and generally stuffing up, and I couldn't be stuffed reinstalling - the new one lets you render through your video card memory apparently.