Menagerie - working towards 125 pets

I was a bit disappointed when Cataclysm came out and they didn't have any more pet achievements, but fortunately they came in last patch, and with 4.2 you can get a Brilliant Kaliri with that achievement.

So now I am earnestly trying to get my pets, and I realised there are quite a few that I still need to get!  So I'm going to list them here and cross them off as I get them.

Albino Snake - got! 29/6
Ammen Vale Lashling
Azure Whelpling
Black Tabby Cat
Calico Cat
Cenarion Hatchling
Chuck - got 22/7
Clockwork Gnome - got 20/7
Core Hound Pup
Crawling Claw
Crimson Lasher
Crimson Whelpling
Curious Oracle Hatchling
Deviate Hatchling
De-weaponised mechanical Companion - got 6/7
Disgusting Oozeling
Dun Morogh Cub
Elwynn Lamb
Emerald Whelpling
Enchanted Lantern - got 1/7
Firefly- got 11/8 (Ty Riky!)
Fox Kit
Frigid Frostling
Gundrak Hatchling
Horde Balloon - got 30/6
Hyjal Bear Cub - got
Lashtail Hatchling
Lil' KT
Lil' Ragnaros
Lil' Smoky - got 2/7
Lil' XT
Mechanopeep -  got 6/7 (TY Nabe!!)
Moonkin hatchling
Mr Grubbs - got

Muckbreath - got! 13/7
Nuts - got! 29/6
Panther cub - got 3/7
Personal World Destroyer - got 30/6
Pet Bombling - got 30/6
Phoenix Hatchling
Pterrordax Hatchling - got
Ravasaur Hatchling
Razzashi Hatchling
Rustberg Seagull - got 30/6
Scooter the Snail
Scorched Stone
Snarly - got
Tiny Flamefly - got 6/7
Tiny Shale Spider - got (TY Nabe!)
Toothy - got 3/7
Toxic Wasteling - got
Voodoo Figurine - got
Winter's Little Helper
Withers - got! 29/6


  1. Wow... that's quite a list! Good luck! I do see a couple that are from quests so that shouldn't be too tricky, but the ones that are farmable are painful :-/

  2. Pet collecting! It's rather time consuming, but also quite fun. Have you checked out by chance? You can track your pet collection quite easily through there, not to mention there's great tips/hints on how to obtain these guys. I've been using that site for some time now for my little collection and I definitely recommend it for your project : )

    Good luck!

  3. @Saz - I've been using but lately it has been painfully slow to load. And I keep forgetting to go update it after each pet. Thanks for the tip though!


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