The last week leading up to patch 4.2

Ah, last week of lousy raid attendance *fingers crossed*.  This week I promised myself that we would take Earthwisper for her Nefarian and Al'Akir kill.  That is, if the tanks turn up.

So here is what I'm going to miss now that patch is about to go live:
  • admittedly I did like the quiet raiding.  It's so nice and intimate in 10s compared to 25s, though I also like the party feel of 25s.
  • Facerolling.  God it was good knowing the fights and knowing how to lead everyone to victory.
  • Whinging about my lack of Purple hat!
  • Getting to do old instances/raids and PVP when we finish early from raiding.
So here is what I'm NOT looking forward to with patch:
  • OMG fighting for dailies mobs again!
  • Crappy innervates from other druids.  I love the boomkin innervate as it is now.  No more 80k innervates /cry
  • Having to kick people out from 25 man raids when we have a huge turnout
Here is what I AM looking forward to with patch:
  • Dungeon Journal! Yay for not having to look it up on Tankspot or Wiki or whatever other google search pulls up.
  • DKP reset!  Or well, moving it to low levels again so we all get a chance to get gear.
  • A more awesome looking Dark Phoenix mount.  I don't like the current graphic.
  • New bosses and new loot and new things to learn
Now here is something I didn't know...

I had no idea that the War games option existed.  This was like the skirmish thing that we had before but it was removed.  I was just saying to Sev the other week that I wish we could battle another team to practice our techniques as a one off match.  And apparently you can!  And have been able to since Season 9 Arena started!

So all you have to do is type /wargame groupleadername mapname

So, looks like I'll be trying that this week if nothing much is happening.  That is if I can find someone to play against.  There is heaps of negativity going on though about it after the blue post so maybe it's not so cool (probably because it's not random you actually have to LOOK for someone to play with).