ICC video finally finished!

We had cleared everything in Cata already, so we decided to go tonight to ICC, 25 man.  There were a few reasons:

  1. Moopie needed his box
  2. I wanted a video of the dogs for the "creature creeping up behind, you're out of time" blank spot in my video
  3. Beldarien needs shards
Anyway I didn't get any achievements but lots of other people did.

So I got Az to do the person being snuck up on and he was great.  He even did emotes and stuff, and the Precious one turned out quite good.  The Stinky one wasn't so good because Cornan put a Hunter's mark on it and because Az's health was low Moopie intervened and tried to tank it but Az died, so it was a rather messy looking video when i tried to edit it.

I was naughty and trying to upload during LK fight hence my death and DC (and it didn't help that Lushnek was over as well and getting cranky at me because of lag - but there was like 5 minutes to go and it would have been up!)

You can tell I'm very proud of my videos, I don't know what other people think but I spend lots of time on them and they all have special meaning to me!

So here is my video:


  1. Awesome job Navi, and you should be proud, really good work as always.

  2. Aww thanks Flex! Hope you spotted your 1 second starring role :)


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