Friendly with Avengers of Hyjal today

Did some more trash clearing today - can't really do much when there are instance and server restarts.  We took just 22 people today, and clearing trash on 25 man seemed easier than on 10 man - maybe because we knew the trash?  Or maybe it's that much easier to cc with 25 people!  Anyway, everyone seemed to have fun clearing trash.

I hit friendly and got to buy my cape today (Flowing Flamewreath Cape).  Woot.  That was a blow to my haste but a boost to my mastery.  So just juggled around some gear and I'm all good again.

Oh and since raid ended early, we went and did a random and get Stonecore.  We even managed to get our Rotten to the Core achievement.  Nice.

Picked up some more pets.  10 more to go.


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