Fishing Achievements

I just finished Oceanographer yesterday and still have one more to go on Limnologist (amendment 10/6 - I got my last fish! Damn Huge spotted feltails!).  I tell you, it is REALLY irritating that I know I've caught every single one of these fish before and yet I have to go and fish them all up again.

So for all those diehard fishing fans, here is a quick guide on where I caught all these fish.

Limnographer Fish
Albino Cavefish - Deepholm has pools of these
Barrelhead Goby - Sholozar Basin towards Riverheart
Bloodfin Catfish - Deadwind Pass standing next to Karazhan
Raw Brilliant Smallfish - Orgrimmar
Crescent-Tail Skullfish - Deadwind Pass standing next to Karazhan
Dragonfin Angelfish - Dragonblight has pools of these
Felblood Snapper - Hellfire Peninsula
Fountain Goldfish - Dalaran
Giant Darkwater Clam - Wintersgrasp but the drop rate of these is crap!
Glassfin Minnow - Crystalsong Forest
Goldenscale Vendorfish - Terrokar Forest in pools but they can drop from any pool
Highland Guppy - Twilight Highlands has pools of these
Icefin Bluefish
Raw Loch Frenzy - Loch Modan
Raw Mithril Head Trout
Musselback Sculpin - Wintersgrasp, might as well get these while you're waiting for Giant Darkwater clams
Raw Nightfin Snapper
Raw Sagefish - These pools are EVERYWHERE it seems!
Sharptooth - Deepholm was where I got mine
Sickly Looking Fish
Spotted Feltail - Zangarmarsh
Zangarian Sporefish - Zangarmarsh has pools
Barbed Gill Trout - Junk fish you catch from just about anywhere in Outlands
Blackbelly Mudfish - Uldum has pools
Bonescale Snapper
Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish - Orgrimmar
Deviate Fish - Barrens near WC
Fangtooth Herring - Howling Fjord
Figluster's Mudfish - Nagrand pools
Furious Crawdad - Terrokar Forest in Skettis
Glacial Salmon - Pools in Grizzly Hills but might as well fish in Wintersgrasp
Golden Darter - Terrokar forest the Mixed Highland pools often get you this
Raw Greater Sagefish - Another one of those pools you seem to see everywhere
Huge Spotted Feltail - Outland pools but I got most of mine from Zangarmarsh and Terrokar in Skettis
Lavascale Catfish - Deepholm
Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper - Orgrimmar
Mountain Trout - Mount Hyjal pools
Nettlefish - Pools in Sholozar Basin but might as well fish in Wintersgrasp
Plated Armorfish
Sewer Carp - Dalaran sewer
Shimmering Minnow
Slippery Eel
Striped Lurker

Oceanographer Fish

Abyssal Clam - not really fished, drops from nagas in the Maelstrom
Big-Mouth Clam - Azshara
Darkclaw Lobster - Azshara
Darkwater Clam
Deepsea Sagefish - Uldum good because you can catch lots of other fish as well
Firefin Snapper
Raw Glossy Mightfish
Jaggal Clam - Isle of Quel'danas
Moonglow Cuttlefish - Pools in Dragonblight out near icebergs
Oily Blackmouth
Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore
Rockfin Grouper
Raw Slitherskin Mackerel
Stonescale Eel - Azshara and Blasted Lands good
Raw Sunscale Salmon - See Redgill
Winter Squid - Azshara but is seasonal
Algaefin Rockfish - Dragonblight has pools
Borean Man O' War - Dragonblight and Borean Tundra
Darkshore Grouper - Darkshore but best near the town
Deep Sea Monsterbelly - near icebergs in Dragonblight
Fathom Eel - Uldum but there are pools of these in Tol Barad peninsula
Giant Sunfish - Isle of Quel'danas, best near the flight master
Imperial Manta Ray - Borean Tundra has lots of pools
Large Raw Mightfish - Feralas
Murglesnout - PITA fish caught just about anywhere in Uldum and Twilight Highlands
Pygmy Suckerfish - from pools in Northrend
Raw Redgill - Blasted lands best coz you can get Sunscales, Summer Bass and Whitescales too
Raw Rockscale Cod - Feralas
Raw Spotted Yellowtail - Tanaris
Raw Summer Bass - See Redgill
Raw Whitescale Salmon - See redgill

And I noticed that this achievement got a bit of a nerf.  They no longer have all those ridiculous bloated fish that they used to have!  Or all the XX pound fish.


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