Firelands approaches - am I nervous?

Patch night tonight.

The guild has weathered many patches and expansions, and we have always endured.  People stopped playing, took breaks with increasing briefness of playing now, leaving newer members thinking "Frostwolves is a dying guild.  I think I should jump ship."  And then they too leave.  Vicious cycle?  Or circle of life?

In the last few weeks we have been scraping in a 10 man comfortably, but we have been heavily reliant on 2 tanks.  What if they decide not to turn up?  And will our other tanks return?

I have been very noncholant about the non attendance in the last few weeks, and reassured members that raiding will resume when Firelands opens tomorrow.  I am sure we can get together a 10 man, but what about our 25 mans?  I would like to do 25s again, and just hope that we get a good turnout.  But what if I had false confidence in the return of the bored raiders?  What if everyone says on Wednesday "See, I told you so, nobody is playing and we can't do 25s"?  I know we'll have enough for a 10 man, and I hate having to pick and choose (believe it or not I don't like having to sit people out), but I hate having to scrounge for people.  Maybe some of these socials will pick up their game and start raiding.

In any case, if for some reason we lack healers or tanks (there never seems to be a dps shortage) I don't think I'd be too upset.  It means I can work on my Firelands dailies!

So fingers crossed for tomorrow Frosties.  I know at least 12 of us will be there... how about the other 13?  One can only hope :)