15 Days of Screenshots - Day 9 Your Character's Hometown

This post is part of my series in participation of Saz's Through your Interface 15 day screenshot challenge.

Day 9: Your Character's Hometown

We all have the same starting zones where we begin our various quests, but where does your character actually hail from?

I've extrapolated this to mean where my hearth is, as I can't seem to make Mulgore more exciting than it is.  Which means it's slightly different to where I hang out (Day 1), but I thought I'd put some pics of where my hearth was with each expansion.

Cataclysm: Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar

A home away from home.  A Tauren village in the middle of Horde Central.  Looking around you'd never think you left Thunderbluff - except for the stealthy thieves sneaking around the boxes near the bank...

Wrath of the Lich King: Legerdemain Lounge, Dalaran

Ah, nothing like that Dalaran hospitality, where you can sit and enjoy a nice Half full Dalaran Wine glass, or head upstairs to the Ledgerdemain Lounge where you can lie down in comfort.  Damn, these humans know how to make an inn.

 Burning Crusade: Aldor Rise, Shattrath

Watch that first step!  The elevator boss on Aldor rise was a quite a killer in the day.  But one thing that used to bug me about that inn was how do I get onto those top bunks?

Vanilla: Grom'gol, Stranglethorn Vale

Ok I know it seems weird.  But back then when there was only one hearth it used to drive me crazy trying to get to the other continent.  So being a druid I always had my Moonglade teleport for Kalimdor, and then I had Grom'gol for Eastern Kingdoms.