15 Days of Screenshots - Day 6 Favourite Line of Poetry/Lyric

This post is part of my series in participation of Saz's Through your Interface 15 day screenshot challenge.

Day 6: Favourite Line of Poetry/Lyric

Most of us have a favorite poet or song. Give us an image that you think represents your favorite line, or what line inspires you most. You should probably include said line and *maybe* give some explanation/reasoning behind it, unless you're feeling overly ambiguous.

Ever since I read HoTsTree's blog, Aertimas has surely got the BEST druid title ever.

"Don't you wish your girlfriend had HoTS like me? Don't you wish your girlfriend was a TREE like me?"
(adapted from Pussycat Doll's Don't Cha)

So that line is my favourite of all time.

Now I have to say that this is hard to screenie.  How do I capture that?  HoTs look best as a video, not so impressive as a screenie.  Well here is my attempt.  It seems to look better as the Jay Leno tree than as the original treant tree.  Must be that excessive leafiness.  However, I don't think your girlfriend would want to look anything like me.