15 Days of Screenshots - Day 14 Place Swap

This post is part of my series in participation of Saz's Through your Interface 15 day screenshot challenge.

Day 14: Place Swap

If you could be any of your characters, who would you be and why?

I don't have any other characters!  But I really do love my druid flight form.

I think Tauren druids have the nicest flight form.  The fact that you can loot while in flight form (great for nabbing quest items) and herb makes us the envy of every class I reckon.  And not to mention it's instant cast - great for when you fall out of the sky (but only when you're not in combat).

Wouldn't it be wondrous to soar through the sky, feeling the wind on your face?  Look at the world from that bird's eye point of view?  And I don't think anybody would have a fear of heights if they only had instant cast flight form.


  1. Druids are the way to be! Instant cast shape shifting, bird form, cat form...they really can't be beat. Sure I love my shaman and her axe wielding, lightning bolt throwing, setting things on fire ways, but her ghost wolf isn't stealth. She needs the aid of a drake to fly. Not the same!

    I also can't tell you how many shots I have similar to the one you posted here. Far to stunning not to!

  2. Hi Sparrow, Thanks for Dropping by my blog and commented on few of my screenshots challenge I totally appreciate it. I love this shot in Outlands and Druids are nice.

    I wish I had a druid, been always playing a priest but who knows I might try it sometime. Glad you liked my screenshots and I love yours too, absolutely very magical and beautiful. =)

  3. @Saz: I think everyone has a shot like this! Outlands has the most beautiful sky IMO!

    @Amerence: Thank you for visiting me too! Look forward to seeing the last few days of challenge, when you have time between Firelands Dailies! Added you to my blogroll :)


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