15 Days of Screenshots - Day 11 Profession of Choice

This post is part of my series in participation of Saz's Through your Interface 15 day screenshot challenge.

Day 11 : Profession of choice

Show us an image of you doing what you like to do best.

Fishing.  Definitely.  People say I'm crazy but I find it strangely therapeutic - except when I'm trying to catch certain fish... and turtles.
I was the first person in the guild to get the Salty title.  In fact I still only use that title now.  It elicits all sorts of dirty comments and it's not that common a title, not that I've noticed anyway.

So here I am with the boys trying to land me a big one.

Sadly there are 2 fishing achievments which elude me.  Turtles all the way Down and Old Ironjaw.  Even the water rat in Dalaran took me ages to get, compared to other non avid fishers.


  1. Gotta love that Salty title. The effort and the occasional off-colored comments are so very worth it for that rather rare title. Salty folk unite!

    Fishing indeed is very soothing...at least until you're trying to go after one of the more rare fish. Other than that one instance though (or trying to fish in the opposing factions waters) it's a rather relaxing profession. Definitely a great way to unwind after a hectic day.


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