15 Days of Screenshots - Day 1 Favourite Hangout

I've decided to blame Ang at R&R for my next 15 posts.... I wanted to go over and see what she was writing about and stumbled across her submissions in World of Saz: Through your Interface challenge.

Now who am I to resist a screenshot challenge?  And a WoW one at that!  Of course now I feel like a cheat because I take so many damn screenies I can use some of them as part of my posts.

So here goes, and for all my readers who want to catch up on guild gossip my apologies for the slight deviation from normal!

Day 1: Favourite Hangout

"Find yourself perching in a particular tree as a druid? Have a certain hovel you like to hang out in on your undead rogue? Show us where it is, and why your character hangs out there."

Orgrimmar.  I think it's every Frostie's hearth, and like most of my good friends in the guild my hearth is actually in the Valley of Wisdom - Tauren town!  As my favourite mage pointed out - there is everything you could possibly want there.  There's an inn, a bank and gbank, a repair person and an AH all within 40 yards!  And not to mention how close is it to the portals!  However, though the Valley of Wisdom is where you will normally find me logged out or afk, my actual favourite hangout is that pinnacle (or others when it's taken by someone else!) which is in the shot above.  On that pinnacle I find it a great place to actually hang out to take my screenies of mounts and pets without the hustle and bustle of other WoW players ruining my UI.  See below for some examples!


  1. The mountaintop looks like a neat place to hang out.. nice view!

  2. That first shot is absolutely stellar. I tend to prefer those higher places above the general coming and going of the cities. I must say that I much prefer your view to the ones I get in Stormwind though.


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