What frustrates Keeva about WoW - my thoughts on her thoughts!

TreeBarkJacket made a heartfelt post about what frustrates her most about WoW - basically saying that she wished she could find 24 people who felt the same about raiding and progression as she did.  I especially liked the way she wrote this:

"There will always, apparently, be someone who whines about loot. Who says negative crap. Who complains about not getting a spot. Who is more interested in what I’m doing wrong than worrying about themselves. Who can’t handle wiping for even a single night before it’s easier to just cut all ties and walk away. I can’t fill a raid with people who all share my ideas about progression, wiping, loot distribution, team spirit, and so on...

...These days that people want instant gratification. They don’t want things to be “ezmode”, but if they have to wipe more than a few times, then it’s too much effort – not worth it. Take a break, come back for the next content patch. Back in Vanilla and TBC, we could work on a boss for weeks or even months, and nobody complained about it, nobody gave up. But as time went on, it seemed that people’s patience got thinner and thinner. By the time wrath rolled around, wiping on a boss for more than a few tries was enough to test people’s patience, and wiping on Yogg for 3 nights was enough to kill my entire guild – because a bunch of people felt that 3 nights of wiping meant that the guild wasn’t able to kill him and they should go find a guild that could.

- Keeva

Now doesn't that sound like a lot of things that are happening these days in our own guild?

It's something we've noticed since BC and I guess the fortunate thing is that our guild is old enough and close enough not to collapse when the raiding thing waxes and wanes.  It is true though that people seem to tire of things a lot quicker and disappear from raiding only to come back at the next content patch.  I am not sure if slow releases of content like that is good, but what is the alternative solution?  People steam through all content and get bored and then not come back until next expansion?

We are again at that low point and recruiting to make up the numbers.  Core raiders remain the same.  Even some long term players have disappeared from raids (Beldarien, Shadevar, Targetme, Chihako, Manbull).  Now if only Enna (Beauti) and Gley (Beasti) would return to raiding we might have some boost of numbers :)