Scorched Wormling Vest at last

Geez after killing Magmaw that many times I have finally gotten the chest!  Now all I need is the bracers and I will feel much more epic.

I look at Gemmira and she outheals me all the time! She has way more spellpower than me, and also more mastery (though I look at myself and I have stacked more haste).

We had quite a few new people raiding yesterday.  We did 2 bosses in BOT which were both 1 shots but extremely messy.  Fleckso, Kadburi are back into raiding which is fantastic and we got a new shaman healer, Jinjersnaps who is actually a really good healer.  For someone who didn't know the fights well she topped healing in one fight (beating me by a smidge!) so Shaimster is so pleased there is another mana battery in the raid.  Hope she's a stayer.

Puny turned up to raid as well but she was afk a lot on the phone so was only half there.

We split into 10 mans for Council and Cho'gall, and I hope we get it this week.  We need to start killing it more regularly so more of us can get our Tier tokens.