Mass resurrection anyone? :D Guild level 25!

Yay! Last night we hit Guild level 25!  We had 2 groups of 10 mans running in BWD last night and when the other group killed Chimaeron we hit it.  It was cool!  Mass resurrection woot!

Group makeup was slightly strange.  One group (mine) had 2 pallies, 2 shadow priests, 2 druids, shaman, 2  mages and a warlock.  The other group had no pallies, 1 warlock, 2 priests, shaman, 2 warriors, DK, mage, 2 druids.  So there was a feeling of an uneven split, which left some people rather unhappy.  I didn't think it was THAT bad, but I think I am in the minority.

So we also get a scorpion mount!  Pics coming shortly (geez all these things I have to do when I get home).  Anyway no luck for me this week, no bracers and I had to afk for Atramedes and Maloriak kill.  Cymre replaced me though.