Innervating - now I have to think about it!

I've been trying lately to maximise my innervate, when I've really been noticing it on certain fights and having to not rely on having a mana battery around (ie shamans!).

So the resto druid innervate gives you 20% of your mana pool back.  So the more buffs you have on, the more mana you get back!  So it would be to my advantage when my mana pool is huge to innervate then!  Seeing as Power torrent increases my int by 500 for 12 secs which should give me back about 7500 mana.  Sweet.

Now looking at enchants and things, I normally have 50 int on my cloak.  Now perhaps I should be putting Lightweave embroidery on it which will temporarily give me 580 int for 15 seconds.  If only I could get my innervate to proc when both of those cds are up then the mana I get back would be huge!

And maybe I should be swapping innervates with Gemmira more if we both had glyph of innervate ... something I'll have to chat to her to (though at the moment she pwns me in healing!  So she probably doesn't need my innervate!)