Good run in 5v5 yesterday

We had some good runs in 5s yesterday.  There were some bad ones too though.

There was a 5 boxer with 4 dks and a priest healer ... we died twice to that team.  Abyssmal.  And lost lots of points too.

There was one poor team we farmed over and over, they had a druid healer that Shaba used his newly found resto druid control tactics and it worked a treat!

(oh I totally forgot to write about this!  Shab and I were duelling a lot outside so he could practice his druid killing technique.  He was complaining resto druids are hard to kill. So we practiced a bit and he got this little strategy worked out.  Shoot the druid till deep freeze procs, ring of frost and when the druid gets out of it, counterspell them so they can't heal themselves and bam! dead.)

That poor druid died the same way in about 3 games.  Shaba would say "getting druid.... ok dps druid now" and bam dead druid.

They switched to a priest instead of a druid but we wiped the floor with them again.  There was a plate group we did rather badly against, who were all dps, I think we lost twice to them.  I remember their warrior beign a little bit squishy.