Fueghan is back, and I suck at Atramedes

After what feels like ages, our illustrious leader is back.  For the first time in ages there were 2 10 mans going!  Though of course I was late so that wasn't ideal and I missed out on Magmaw who dropped my chest (gasp!) and fortunately it wasn't DE'd so that was a minor consolation, but of course Chimaeron still refuses to give me my bracers...

Melf also made an appearance yesterday, and was healing in my group.  He must be back to normal because he was full of his usual comments which some I just let pass and others irritated me to high hell.  But he is a good healer and I tolerate him because of that!

So I suck at Atramedes.  I swear I am always in front of the flame but obviously I'm not because I'm still dying from sound.  Shabadu did really well with gonging yesterday for the first time by himself, but I wish he would hold on just a little bit longer before he iceblocks and it goes to someone else... I died twice from that.  Though most other times I died from sound.