Dissecting games against DK/DK, DiscP/RetP, Mage/Lock

Had good 2s mojo yesterday.  Won 9 games this week and only lost 3 (which is much better than our usual 50/50 games).  And we had some challenging teams too (and some not so challenging).

There was a mage/warlock combination whom we encountered twice.  We lost the first time (rather quickly too) and Sev said I should try to cc more.  So the next time we got them I let them hit Sev a few times before I ww the lock and then tree formed and then ran around for a while.  The warlock was almost dead and then he started healing himself and he did that a few times.  Unfortunately I was busy on the other side of the arena and had no idea where he was (Dalaran arena) and Sev was yelling at me as he usually does when he gets frustrated from cc's/people healing from being nearly dead (I still remember him yelling at HK when HK said that a mage was evocating) which doesn't bother me at all but can be a bit scary for those who don't know Sev that well.  So the warlock managed to get himself to full health and Sev was spitting chips and I told him it's ok because all we have to do is start again (because Sev and I were also full health and mana as well).  So we started again, I timed my heals better (though I think they also weren't as good on their focus) and we got them down.  Very satisfying.

Another loss was to a ret pally/disc priest combo which I found difficult as I was getting mana burned a fair bit and I am not sure if the mana burn was going off while I was in bear form because it didn't say failed (I had the priest focussed) and  other times I was feared and burned.  Embarrassing really because I should be able to LOS it and not get burned.  Also that was our last game so perhaps fatigue may have been part of that.  I was trying to LOS behind boxes but it was damn annoying.

Image by Ketka (http://ketka.deviantart.com/art/Night-Elf-Death-Knight-131351522)
The DK/DK combo was particularly bad.  I am not sure how to play that one.  We actually won by default because the remaining DK left the game rather than continue playing and I am sure it could have lasted a long time - in fact it could have lasted the full 45 mins which would have been bad for both teams.  I had to have Sev explain what the DK was doing because I am not that cluey about how they play. All I know about DK's is that I have to stay far from them because they can deathstrike and they can get their health back.  And that they can sacrifice pets for health.  Sev said that they were both in unholy presence which means their rune cooldowns are shorter.  I didn't quite understand what he said about blood presence... but another thing he said they did was using their lichborne talent and deathcoiling themselves which did a lot of self healing.  Anyway back to topic... those 2 DKs were at full health for what felt like 3 mins of fighting.  We did get one of them down low and then he'd come back up but then Sev managed to get him.  Staying at range is hard.  Sev told me to stay at range when I swear Sev was in melee 5x more than me!  Being deathgripped into melee range is the suck as well.  I am not sure how we would handle that combination again.  I guess maybe I have to do more cc but there is only so much I can do and that anti-magic shield... ugh.  As far as I can tell a burst with cc is going to get them down and there is no way as a resto druid I can do that.

The easiest nice game is when the other team doesn't show.  Had one of those this week.

Anyway all in all it was a good week.  We got up to over 1600 rating!  I feel like I haven't had a rating like that for 5 seasons.


  1. Sorry about the yelling :( - I get a bit focused during the game, will try to yell offline instead ... :p

  2. I don't mind the yelling. Then I don't feel bad about my yelling. Besides, we talked about this :P it totally doesn't bother me - at least I know someone is taking their PVP seriously :)


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