An almost win in rated BG!

We did a rated BG today and man the q's are the suck!  It was Battle for Gilneas and we actually did pretty well in the beginning of the run holding 2 bases but once they got one base off us we were stuffed and couldn't get it back.  So we lost by a little but their team was much more highly rated than ours.  So we did pretty well considering!

So who was there?  There was me, Cymre, Shabadu, Sevros, Azadelta, Beauti, Bludo (who doesn't pvp), Hwired, Kadburi, Belinia.

And I was trying to practice my duelling again today for survivability.  I've found that if I can survive the burst at the beginning then I can last quite a while.  Poor Shaba had something weird going on and I managed to kill him in a duel (!!) and I almost killed Hwired in a duel (though I suspect he was going soft because the first attempt he wiped the floor with my face in like 30 seconds) but then I got a phone call and had to stop duelling for a while (and he was on 25k too).  Then I duelled Sev who I think was being a bit stingy on the fears because I lived for a very very very long time.  And I can't damage him so basically I just have to run around for ages trying not to oom.  I haven't duelled HK yet or any boomkin yet so I need to do that to see if I can get my cyclones timed correctly to interrupt starfall.

Edit: Beauti asked if we were doing anymore rated BGs because she couldn't sleep after that least one, we were that close!