3rd Cho'gall kill for guild

We split into two teams last night for Cho'gall and I thought that the group I was in was going to be a bit more hurty than the other team.  Here was the split:

Fue, Hwired, Navimie, Melfina, Biship, Lushnek, Sevros, Caedis, Shabadu, Earthwisper
Coolidge, Thraso, Cym, Gemmira, Jinjersnaps, Epidemais, Moopie, Ayelena, Artistic, Xynzelle

Mana was an issue in my group.  With no mana tide I was being really conservative with my mana and I noticed the other 2 healers were way ahead of me during phase 1.  I even got Lushnek to innervate Melfina and I used my own twice on myself (and used one of HK's on myself too) in the kill attempt.  The funny thing was on the kill attempt me and Lushnek both forgot to eat food ... I thought oh well we're gonna wipe soon anyway should be ok.  But we kept going and going... anyway by phase 2 I had lots of mana left (at least 50%) and a tree form to use so I ToL'd and then threw a tranq and got Lush to do the same.  Poor Melf had no mana left.  And Bish didn't dc for once! Yay! Anyway the Warrior/Hunter/Shaman shoulders dropped AGAIN! and Earthwisper got them lucky thing! 

Caedis was funny, he was telling everyone in his nice calm voice to stand in front of him, group up.  I think I was the only person dispelling too.  Had Earthwisper dpsing the boss only, that made her dps a lot better.

And the mace dropped too.  Talk about a nice loot evening.  Lushnek took that

Anyway we went to hit up Al'Akir after that.  Painful.  But tonight we went back for an hour and we were consistently getting to Phase 2, so we were getting the hang of it.

The positioning was quite good.  We had it spread out like this:

Moopie had a revelation - he noticed that the consistent factor between all 3 Cho'gall kills was Fueghan.  Now is that coincidence? Or just skill?