Thraso and Earthwisper are back

Thraso and Earthwisper came back to the guild on Sunday.  Some of the officers were not enthused on their return, but I do like those 2, they did help me get my achievement for my drakes.

I asked Thraso why he left, and he said he had some real life issues and then decided not to play WoW but then came back to the game and felt bad about the way he left so he wanted to come back.  Earthwisper left because he left so I didn't ask why she came back.

Thraso is coming back as a tank so that will be good, we are short of warrior tanks lately.  And he picks up reasonably fast.  Wisper's healing was terrible but her dps was not bad.

I would like to beef up our numbers with internal candidates rather than outside ones.  Just got to get Fue to let some of the socials play.  Some of them have raided before cata and were reasonable raiders, I keep getting tells from Shaimster about Nerii and Mendem who are not quite geared yet but I think they would like to raid.  I might make a more active effort.