That's a lot of Bait!

2 days ago we got That's a Lot of Bait, giving us the Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast. So I was excited at raid yesterday, was looking forward to making some feasts for the raid!  But I was having the devil of a time trying to catch Lavascale Catfish I managed to only catch 1 before raid started!  So I couldn't put a feast down for our first raid (which was only Baradin Hold) but between BH and Bastion of Twilight I went back to Uldum and fished up another Lavascale catfish.  So I got to put down the first Seafood Magnifique Feast for a Frostwolves raid!

So the recipe requires 2 Fathom Eels, 2 Highland guppies, and 2 Lavascale Catfish.  Eels and guppies are easy - Pools of Eels are found in Uldum and Tol Barad, guppies are found in Twilight Highlands.  Lavascale catfish are most easily caught in Deepholm (in lava funnily enough) but you can also catch them in Uldum near the delta and along the river.  I like fishing in Uldum at the delta because you can also catch fathom eels and Deepsea Sagefish there.  But damn there are a heap of murglesnouts too.  But the best place to catch them is in Deepholm - I now go there to fish for Lavascales.