Rated BGs

We had a try at rated Battlegrounds the other day and it was pretty horrible.  We just didn't have the group make up and we were all over the place and a bit disorganised.

However with raiding being so lousy lately I thought it might be nice to change the pace a bit.  Doing PVP as a guild would allow us the competitiveness but also give us the same teamwork thing we want as a guild.  Not to mention guild achievements.

So far the people that seem interested in it are:

Sevros, Lushnek, Azadelta, Beasti, Beauti, Shabadu, Coolidge, Cymre, Eboniee, Mazlakk, HWired, Kadburi, Me
but I bet I can get Xynzelle, Caedis to come as well if we needed 15.

Made a post about it on Frostwolves forums in officer.  And that I was thinking about putting it on a *shock* raid day.  Monday sounded good.  Maybe we could do Fridays as well.