My Darkmoon card: Tsunami journey

Well, Darkmoon Faire is up today, and so I finally get to hand in my Tsunami Deck to get my Darkmoon Card: Tsunami.  It's the first time I've ever had a Darkmoon card!

I was despairing of ever getting an epic trinket (though really if I worked hard enough on my archaelogy and got lucky then I could have my Tyrande's Doll, and also if I did my Hellscream's reach reputation I could get the spirit trinket) but I got lucky with the Jar of Ancient Remedies in BWD and now I have my card!

Image courtesy Blizzard Entertainment
It started about a month ago, and I was perusing the auction house and decided "OK, I'm not buying anything more than 1500g". So I bought the Ace for a cheap price (I was bummed because later there was one going for 300g!) and the five and six.  Ayelena sold me one for a great price and Shaimster gave me one for free much to my distress, as I hate being a freeloader.  I managed to get the others off the AH except for a 3, and the 3 was going for a ridiculous price of 6k or something.  Even alliance was bad.  So I sat around waiting and checking the AH every day.

But then Smashpally asked me what I needed and I told him and he got it for me.  I have no idea how he got it and he refused to take money for it and the 6k auction was still there, so I am eternally grateful to him.  This morning Darkmoon Faire was in Elwynn forest so off I went to get my card.

Can't wait to try it out tonight on raid.