Just the two of us: 1550 (Go Void Hawks!)

Sev and I were at 1543 or so rating yesterday and I was excited at how well we did after our shaman/warlock match on Saturday that I thought we'd try to get our achievement on Sunday after raid.

Bad start.  We queued and I forgot to change out of PVE spec so we lost terribly.  But we got the points back on the next one, and then we won the one after and got our achievement. Just the Two of Us: 1550! Woot.

Memorable matches would have to include the poor druid/warlock combo we met up with and were dreading it, when it turned out the warlock was d/c.  Poor boomkin did well on his own to stay up so long.  And also to the mage and shadowpriest who actually was healing for a bit of the match before Sev wiped the floor with them.  Polymorph has some great moments though, heals people up to full so I don't have to heal them.

It's confusing sometimes to remember which teams we played against.  There was another double dps group which annihilated me :( and a rogue/druid combo that wasn't very challenging that I can recall anyway.

So the most important thing I learned from yesterday was to ToL early when facing double DPS.

Next stop: 1750!  Who knows when the hell that will be!  Though perhaps it's time I worked on my 3v3 1550 rating.